Here at Sky Harbor, our main mission is making certain
that Florida’s wildlife, one of our most precious
resources, survives and is respected as a valuable asset
to planet earth.
Wildlife is at the mercy of mans progress and constant
building which destroys the natural habitat of wildlife and
their sources of survival. It is our mission to make a
difference, change the way we look at animals and learn
they are as necessary to our survival, as the air we

Injured wildlife is brought to us through many sources,
ASPCA, Humane Society, veterinarians, local police
departments, FWC, Coast Guard as well as local citizens
and the general population. Sky Harbor is permitted,as
required by law to possess or handle wildlife, holding a
state permit for small mammals and a federal permit for
migratory birds!

Sky Harbors’ own, Vod the vulture‚Ķ.rescued
and rehabbed as a baby,. Vod has been free
for several months, but chooses to return to
our center and has become an ambassador
for vultures, showing people how beneficial
and great these birds really are!

We rehabilitate numerous species, the most common being
squirrels, raccoons, fox, opossum, songbirds, crows, woodpeckers,
hawks, owls, sandhill cranes and the occasional eagle. These
animals are admitted to our care center and immediately
assessed for injuries or illness by our dedicated team. They are
treated in our care center and remain there until they are well
enough to be transferred to outdoor cages on our two acre
facility as they prepare for release.

We have some special veterinarians (most vets are not trained
in more than domestic animals, or are not willing to help wildlife)
willing to assist with us should we need xrays or surgery. These
vets, who are willing to help, donate their valuable time and
efforts to us and provide services and supplies to us at great
discounts. For the most part, we rely on our own experience and
knowledge to handle most cases, but we certainly appreciate
those vets who are there to lend a helping hand!
Good rehabbers also rely on other rehabbers (some with many
many years of experience) for information on caring for unusual
cases. Our volunteers are well trained and available to help with
rescues, release, transport as well as emergency and daily care!